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Welcome to The Spanish Grocery! in our store you can:

Buy spanish food online

For everyone that like spanish grastronomy we have the best selection of products, we offer the best tastes that will make you feel in spain again.

We ship to every country in Europe directly from our warehouse in Seville, Spain.

Our goal is to make you feel happy, to make you feel like in holidays again and remeber those beautiful times that you have in our country when you came on holydays. Also, maybe you can buy some of our products in your local store, but we offer it at a more competitive price and with top-quality. 

If you used to live in Spain

If you or one of your family or loved-ones is now in a foreign country sure you send them from time to time some spanish food to make them feel a little close to their home. But also, you have to deal with messaging companies, high-rates on shipping and the worries of when and how will your package arrive. We have agreements with top shipping companies and know eactly how and when our packages arrives. Leave us all the job and make them happy.

How to make paella?

We know that one of our more famous dishes is PAELLA, with that in mind we have make something for you. In our store you can find the perfect paella rice, the ideal paella broth and the paella accesories that you are going to need like the paella pan, the paella burner and the stand. We have everything ready for you!

High-quality spanish food

We are the only spain based online store that is specialized in distribution of high-quality Spanish foods, wines and hams. We haven choosen wisely all the products of our store to make a selection of only the BEST products that you can find in the spanish market. 

Taste the spanish sea food products

Enjoy the best products offered by the coasts of Spain. Quality and taste of the Spanish sea in anchovies from Cantabria, bonito del Norte, mussels from Galicia, mackerel and Almadraba tuna from Cádiz. Canned gourmet online, from the sea to your home

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